The Communication Hub: Science for the ears - my own podcast is our hub for the implementation of podcasts and audio-related projects. We offer students and young scientists the opportunity to develop their own podcast projects in close cooperation with an experienced expert and use their podcast as a means of scientific communication.

What you should bring:

•        Affinity to audio content

•        Interest in knowledge transfer and scientific communication

•        Curiosity and motivation to try something new

What we offer:

•       Introduction to scientific communication using podcasts

•        Content and technical support and support in the development and implementation

•        Feedback on audio productions of long-standing science “podcasters”


Communication Hub 2017:
The Communication Hub will start in April 2017 and end in June 2017. Following a kick-off meeting, the teams will work on their podcast projects under the guidance of our podcast experts. At the end of June, the projects will be presented at a final presentation.

Hub meetings (your presence is mandatory):

   1. kick-off meeting: April 6, 2017
   2. Production meeting (team updates): June 7, 2017
   3. Final presentation: June 30, 2017


Application and selection procedure:
Please send a short description of your research, which you will produce your podcast on (up to 1/2 page) together with short CVs of your team until March 22, 2017 to At the end of March max. 2-3 teams will be selected to participate in the hub.