The Technology Transfer Office at the Office for Research Services and Career Development promotes the transfer of University technologies to industry.

We can advise and help on and all options for technology commercialisation, whether by sale or licensing of materials or intellectual property, or by establishing a new company (start-up) based on the technology. Revenue generated is used for the University to invest in further research.

If you are interested in learning more please contact us at


If you have created something new and feel it may have commercial value, the TTO can apply for a patent or similar protection.

Industry collaborations

We also arrange for non-disclosure agreements between companies and other universities.

Software and other IP

Software and other non-inventive Intellectual Property (IP) can still be commercialised.

University Spin-Offs

Find a selection of success stories from the fields of innovation, knowledge and technology transfer.


If you wish to transfer materials for your research we will arange for this on your behalf.

Techn Transfer Networks

Find out more about our membership in technology transfer networks, such as ASTP-PROTON, UIIN and IN-PART.


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