CALL: SiS Maps: Science in Society - Mapping Controversies


The aim of this workshop is to sensitize PhD students of all disciplines to the complex entanglement of science and society and to provide them with tools and techniques to analyse and communicate these entanglements in concrete controversies.

Science and technology offer new possibilities for societal and economic developments. Yet, these possibilities, their risks and societal implications are often controversially discussed. What knowledge do we need and whose knowledge do we trust to assess benefits, limits and risks? Whose values should count when societal choices are made concerning scientific and technological developments and who should be involved in making such responsible choices?

In this project workshop, PhD students will learn to analytically approach complex public debates concerning science and technology, to develop their own position based on this analysis, as well as to communicate this position to different audiences. These competencies (reflexivity, analytical skills) will also improve their understanding of how their own research subject is potentially related to wider societal concerns. Furthermore, these competences and skills are also valued in many areas of contemporary labour markets (science communication, research PR, consulting, etc.), but also support a more nuanced communication of the own scientific research to different audiences.

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