Material Transfer Agreement - MTA







If you are planning to send or receives materials from other laboratories, research centres or companies, this should be formalised with a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA).

There are two types of MTA, incoming or outgoing, depending on which party receives the materials.

The University of Vienna’s template for when you send materials is available for downloading (see below). When you are receiving materials other institutions may ask you to use their own template.

Please note that the MTA must be signed by the Vice Rector, which the Tech Transfer Office will arrange for (

MTA or Confidentiality Agreement?

If you are planning more than just a change in materials, i.e. further research and exchange of ideas with another research institution or company it is a very good idea to have an Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA, also known as a Confidential Disclosure Agreement, CDA) in place.

This document means that any information exchanged between the parties remains confidential; a critical point if any inventive subjects are to be discussed.Additionally this allows the parties to talk more freely than without such an agreement in place.

As each instance is taken on a case-by-case basis, please contact the Tech Transfer Office ( where we can help and assist you with correct documentation.