ERC Proof of Concept Funding

Principal Investigators holding ERC frontier research grants can apply for prototype funding in order to verify the innovation potential of ideas and technologies arising directly from their ERC-funded research project.

Funding of up to €150.000 is available for projects of up to 18 months´ duration. There are 2 ERC PoC grant calls per year (rising to 3 per year in 2015). Further information is available from the Technology transfer office or here. Note that an ERC PoC grant application can be made on the basis of an expired ERC frontier research grant, provided that that grant expired no longer than 12 months before the publication date of the call.

AWS Prototype Grants ("PRIZE")

The Austria Wirtschaftsservice (AWS) administers a prototype funding program called “PRIZE” on behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy. A call is issued usually once per year. Funding of up to €100.000 (or €150.000 if 2 or more eligible Institutions apply together) is provided for projects lasting up to 18 months. In order to qualify for this program the prototype proposal must be based on an patentable or patented invention reported to the University within  the preceding 36 months. For further information please consult the Guidelines for Applicants (in German). Grant applications under this program can only be made through the University Technology Transfer Office.

wirtschafts agentur wien Technologie-Transfer

The Vienna Business agency offers funding of up to €5,000 for small businesses who work alongside a research institution in the course of an innovation project. It is designed to provide support and funding for the initial collaboration between companies and research institutions to optimize products, processes and services. Further information is available from the Vienna Business Agency website.