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Topic#Technology Offer
Life Sciences2012/03

Microarray synthesis method

An improved method of light-directed microarray synthesis (e.g. by photolithography) allows doubling of output with reduced consumption of materials and excellent sequence fidelity.

Life Sciences2012/12

Conjugated oligonucleotides with enhanced cellular uptake for gene therapy | article

Life Sciences2013/04

In vitro method for identifying bitter taste and bitter-modulating properties of compounds

A validated cellular assay has been developed to allow efficient and economical screening of substances for bitter taste and bitter taste masking properties.

Life Sciences2013/17Site-specific Chemoenzymatic Glycosylation of Peptides

Efficient production of glycosylated peptides using a two-step procedure involving reversibly conjugating a peptide with a hydrophilic polymer such as PEG; and subsequently glycosylating the polymer-conjugated peptide using glycosyltransferases.

Life Sciences2014/14

Auxiliary-assisted glycopeptide synthesis

This method for producing glycosylated peptides uses a novel photocleavable auxiliary comprising a PEG attachment and a thiol group for native chemical ligation.

Life Sciences2015/02

RNA polymerase binding aptamers for regulating RNA production and protein expression

Life Sciences2015/11

New Therapeutic Approach to Parkinson's Disease

Alpha-synuclein and Lipocalin-2 binding properties are combined in a small molecule compound with great potential for treating neurodegenerative diseases.

Life Sciences2015/21

Novel oxaliplatin Prodrug

Tumour-targeted albumin binding oxaliplatin derivatives enhance the survival of tumorigenic mice relative to free oxaliplatin.


Bridge Weigh in Motion measurements for individual vehicles | article

Method of equalizing an OFDM Signal
A method for estimating basis expansion model coefficients of an OFDM transmission channel
A method for channel equalization using a basis expansion model

Coherent Photonic Frequency Conversion (CPFC) for quantum computing using pumped four-wave mixing processes

Physics/Engineering2013/08Agitation module for automated freeze substitution
Physics/Engineering2013/15Quantum Imaging with undetected photons
Physics/Engineering2015/12 A safety goggle for use at all visible wavelengths and beyond