Supporting researchers to create an impact beyond academia


REVALORISE+ has created a series of free training videos for YOU as a research support professional in a Knowledge and Technology transfer role.

Training Videos

You may wish to learn more about valorisation and introduce the concept. You may seek to develop programmes on the topic, offer specific consultations or interventions centred around valorisation to researchers who want to create impact from their work. These videos will equip you with the necessary insights and tools to propel researchers forward on their valorisation journeys.

Download the free video training series: Capacity Building – Revalorise


What is valorisation?

Valorisation generally refers to capturing value from research by making scientific insights available to industry and society. Traditionally, there has been an emphasis on capturing economic value by universities through the creation of spin-offs, of granting licenses to the utilisation of patents with a strong focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths/Medical sciences). More recently valorisation has moved beyond STEM with a broader application to include governments, NGOs, and the cultural and civic sector as beneficiaries of and co-creators in valorisation. Leading European experts in research valorisation, with a focus on social sciences and humanities (SSH) research, joined forces on REVALORISE+ to deliver a comprehensive training programme and educational resources to further the entrepreneurial and social impact potential of SSH research.