Please contact to arrange MTAs and CDAs.

Material transfer agreements (MTAs)

If you wish to send or receive materials for your research we arrange a MTA on your behalf. Please note that the MTA must be signed by the Vice-Rector, which the technology transfer office will arrange.

Why do I need an MTA?

An MTA facilitates collaborative research, but also restricts the use of the material to non-commercial research, controls publication content and intellectual property right on research results derived from use of material. 

Confidentiality Agreements (CDAs)

We also arrange for non-disclosure agreements between companies, other universities and students.

Confidentiality for students
Students without employment contract with the University of Vienna are not obliged to confidentiality. We arrange confidentiality agreements with bachelor and master students supervised in your lab.

Why do I need a CDA?

Revealing confidential information to third parties, such as other research institution can jeopardize future patent application an may lead to abuse of that information.