Impact.Award 2022

Award for doctoral candidates funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs

The Impact.Award 2022 funded by the City of Vienna Cultural Affairs was given to eight active PhD students of the University of Vienna. The prize was awarded for outstanding dissertation projects with the potential to reach target groups outside the scientific community and to achieve social, cultural or economic added value.

Award Winners:

Christoph Burger - Bullying and teacher interventions
Constanze Englisch - Heat below the City – Temperature as a key driver in urban groundwater ecosystems
Barbara Heinisch - Specialised Translation at the Interface between Technology, Usability and Relevance
Stefanie Hirsch - Targeting the negative health-related impact of ethnic discrimination
Clara Holzinger - Street-level bureaucracies in the context of migration-related heterolingualism.
Harald Pasch
- Interpreting as cooperative action in Intervention Centers Against Violence in Austria
Stephanie Rieder-Zagkla - Talking about sexuality in marriage court records between 1783 and 1938
Andreas Wasilewicz - Natural products against acute respiratory infections

We would like to thank our jurors of the expertjury:

Klemens Gruber, Dept. of Theatre, Film and Media Studies

Joao Matos, Prof. Dept. of Chromosome Biology

Fares Kayali, Prof. Dept. of Teacher Education

Katharine Sarikakis, Prof. Department of Communication

Micheal Stampfer, Geschäftsführer WWTF

Edeltraud Stiftinger, Geschäftsführer*in AWS

Theresia Vogel, Geschäftsführer*in Klima- und Energiefonds

Katrin Vohland, Direktor*in Naturhistorisches Museum Wien