Welcome to our Transfer-Website. As the Transfer office of the University of Vienna our core tasks are, among other things, to support scientists at the University of Vienna in the systematic and professional transfer of knowledge and technology.

Technology Transfer

The Technology Transfer Office at the Office for Research Services and Career Development promotes the transfer of University technologies to industry.

Knowledge Transfer

The Knowledge Transfer Team aims at promoting vivid and transdisciplinary exchange between science, business and society.


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The workshop is aimed at students and graduates of all subjects and disciplines. You can apply individually or as a team. The participation is free of...


Mit ihrer Agentur "Zitier-Weise" unterstützt die Uni Wien-Alumna Natascha Miljković Studierende und ForscherInnen durch Plagiatsprüfungen.


Learn to identify and reflect relevant societal issues and concerns related to your research fields in this two day workshop.


Christina Riedler und Martina ermöglichen Menschen mit Behinderungen, Großveranstaltungen wie das Donauinselfest besuchen zu können.


„Science & Society: Summer School for Public Engagement“ von 11.-14. September 2018 für alle DoktorandInnen und early postdocs.


Joseph Kapp-herr erzählt von seinem Social Business "Sindbad", dass er mit seinem Kollegen Andreas Lechner gegründet hat.

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