Commercialisation & Spin-Offs

Valorization Strategy

The valorization strategy is crucial for the University of Vienna's decisions on adopting an invention and considering patent applications. It also guides future choices, such as extending patent protection. The university strongly supports commercializing protected technologies, whether through spin-offs or licensing to companies, based on this strategy. If an invention is successfully exploited by the University of Vienna, the inventors are entitled to a service inventor's remuneration in accordance with the Austrian Patent Act.

The valorization strategy is developed collaboratively with inventors. The central components of the valorization strategy are:

  • Valorization Goal: Setting a clear target like founding a spin-off or licensing to an industrial partner, backed by a Letter of Intent (LoI).   
  • Defining Measures: Outlining additional steps for effective commercialization, such as applying for development funding. 

Inventors might choose to create a Spin-Off company. In this case the Entrepreneurship Team supports those interested in founding a company through a variety of measures, in particular the innovation labs. Another option is licensing the technology to other companies. The technology transfer team provides active support in the search for licensees from industry, e.g. through networking events and marketing via the Linkedin and InPart technology platform.

 Support for Spin-offs

A spin-off company utilises IP created at the University of Vienna. The collaboration between the university and inventors is essential for successful exploitation. The University offers comprehensive support services for spin-offs from the initial idea to successful market launch with customized advice, intensive coaching, and extensive networking.

Our Technology Transfer Office offers strategic guidance, encompassing initial IP evaluation, protection strategies, and commercialization pathways. We invite researchers, staff, and students of the University of Vienna to engage with our Technology Transfer Office to explore the potential of their inventions. 

You can find a list of our successful spin-offs here.