Inventions & TTO Services

What is an invention?

Inventions are new solutions to technical problems and societal challenges, distinct from discoveries like findings in X-ray images or new species. Inventions made by University of Vienna staff are considered employee inventions under Austrian patent law. The University may capitalize on these inventions, ideally collaborating closely with the inventors for successful commercialization.

What happens when there is an invention?
  • contact the technology transfer office for professional guidance and further steps
  • employees of the University of Vienna must report inventions to the Technology Transfer Office immediately using the invention disclosure form
  • the university has a three-month period to evaluate/claim the invention and whether to proceed with a patent application
  • until a patent application is potentially filed, the invention must not be disclosed publicly (including in lectures and publications)

Students, even without an employment contract, are also invited to transfer their share of the invention to the University and benefit from the support services of Technology Transfer Office.

Support for Researchers

Evaluation of inventions and market research: The technology transfer team evaluates inventions in terms of patentability and exploitation potential. To facilitate this process, external expertise (e.g. the Austrian Patent Office) and data bases (e.g. market research data banks) are used. Following the patent application, you may publish the invention. It is therefore important that you notify us of a new invention as soon as possible!

Download Invention Disclosure Form (IDF)

Guidance on securing funding: We provide comprehensive support throughout the process of obtaining funding to commercialise your ideas.

Development of an exploitation strategy: Together with the inventors and, if applicable, external experts, our team develops an exploitation strategy (e.g., licensing to existing companies, spin-off). The implementation of the exploitation strategy is supported by numerous offers and services.

Networking with industry partners: The technology transfer team actively supports the search for licensees from industry, for example, through networking events and marketing via the technology platform InPart.

Legal support measures: Our team offers legal advice regarding material transfer agreements, confidentiality agreements, and other contracts.
Attention: Disclosing information to third parties, such as other research institutions and companies, without the appropriate legal agreements risks compromising future patent applications and the potential commercialization of research findings.

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