Technology transfer process

Invention disclosure

What is an invention?

Inventions are new ideas designed to help solve technical problems. They are different from discoveries – such as x-rays or a new animal species – as these can be discovered but not invented.

Employee invention disclosure

An invention made by an employee of the University of Vienna falls under paragraph §11 of the Austrian patent law and is defined as employee invention. The employees report an invention to the technology transfer office, the University is obliged to pay a remuneration the inventors. Students without an employment contract are welcome to assign their share of an invention to the University of Vienna and will then receive inventor remuneration similar to the University employees. The University has three months time from the time of reporting to claim the invention.

Download invention disclosure form (IDF)


Patents are industrial property rights, like trade marks and designs. Patents can legally protect your professional knowledge and expertise, helping you to achieve commercial success. A patentable invention needs to meet the following 3 criteria:

  • Novelty
  • Inventive step
  • Technical applicability

Careful, also your own publications, thesis, conference abstracts, e-mails and personal communication are novelty destroying!

Download Guide to Patents


Most commonly, the University makes technology available to companies through exclusive or non-exclusive licensing of its intellectual property, among others patents, know-how and software. The licensee is granted the rights to use the technology in return for appropriate remuneration. The Technology Transfer Office is responsible for negotiating and drafting technology license agreements on behalf of the University. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


The University of Vienna actively encourages its scientific researchers to consider opportunities for commercializing technologies developed at the University. One such way is to start your own spin-off company for which the University of Vienna provides advice. Find the spin-off support here

Business cooperation

Basic research at the University of Vienna is a motor for innovation. Business cooperation enables innovation to be put into practice. New products and services can be created through business cooperation with industrial partners. Find business cooperation support here


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